Research Topics

Research Topics

IBPR fosters an excellent research environment that reinforces the concept of continuous drug innovation and addresses unmet medical needs. In the past years, it has built a state of the art, all-around facility in developing small molecule drugs. IBPR extends its research capability in to biologics aiming to build itself as a two-dimensional drug research institute with strengths on both small molecules and biologics drugs. Biologics and small molecules can be complementary with each other, which are developed under the same objective for disease. targeting on a validated molecule, an alternative approach in tapping small molecule and biologics are likely to yield better results to evenly spread the risk in drug discovery.

IBPR’s research efforts are divided into drug R&D:

  1. Drug discovery in treatment for cancers, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, neural diseases and other prevalent diseases:
    • Novel molecular targets and related pharmacology mechanism studies
    • Development of in vitro activity test system
    • Drug design, chemical synthesis and structure modification
    • Computer-aided drug screening technologies such as high-throughput screening and molecular modeling
    • Protein/antibody  engineering & phage display  technology
    • Animal pharmacology and drug efficacy evaluation
    • Early-phase pharmacokinetics studies
  2. Assessment of drug candidates and the developability:
    • Pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism (PKDM)
    • Exploratory animal toxicology study
    • Bioanalytical chemistry method validation and pre-formulation evaluation and development
    • Project management to assure efficiency and quality

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