IBPR exerts every effort to fulfill government’s Bio-Economy policy by emphasizing on drug discovery and development of patentable new chemical entities as industry-leading new drugs.

In the betterment of human health welfare, IBPR focuses on the development of new drugs for diseases of domestic problems as well as globalconcerns, such as cancer, metabolic, infectious and neural diseases. Moreover, IBPR pays special attention to the treatment of aging related diseases to support government’s policy in addressing the health of the aging population.

IBPR’s objectives are:

  1. From lab bench to Investigational New Drug (IND) : conducting drug discovery project from the early discovery stage to identification of potential drug candidates;to move drug candidates effectively through preclinical studies enabling the IND approval.
  2. Innovative drug discovery: Advancing drug discovery from me-too/me-better approach to first-in-class/novel innovative new drugs.
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