NHRI Enters Technology Transfer Agreement of DBPR114 with LaunXP Biomedical Co., Ltd.

National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) and LaunXP Biomedical Co., Ltd. (LaunXP) have signed the technology transfer agreement in September, 2021. LaunXP has granted the exclusive rights of the anti-cancer multi-kinase inhibitor, DBPR114, with global patents.

The joint press release was announced on November 22, 2021.

About DBPR114
DBPR114 is an anti-cancer multi-kinase inhibitor that has shown excellent tumor cell growth inhibition and significant tumor size shrinkage has been observed in the in vivo tumor xenograft mouse model of several cancer types. Patients of pancreatic, liver, stomach, and colorectal cancers are to be included as the target populations for further clinical studies.

About LaunXP Biomedical Co., Ltd.
LaunXP is a biotech company established in Taiwan in 2015.

About IBPR of the NHRI
Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research of the NHRI is a mission-driven drug discovery and development engine with vertical and horizontal coordination and integration. For more information, visit https://ibpr.nhri.org.tw/en/ .

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