Congratulations to the team that leads the project: ‘’The discovery and development of a novel small-molecule Hepatitis C virus inhibitor, DBPR110’’ from IBPR for receiving the 2016 Technology Transfer Award – Silver Medal Award by Taipei City Government.

110The “Technology Transfer Award” is one of the several awards granted by the Taipei City Government to encourage innovation and investment in biotech development and to facilitate the bridging-over of R&D outcomes to the industrial utilizations. The 2016 Technology Transfer Award-Silver Medal Award was awarded to the DBPR110 R&D team to highlight its successful technology transfer to the industry partner, Microbio Inc. in April 2013.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV), a member of the Flaviviridae family, affects approximately 3% of the global population and is becoming the leading cause of liver diseases in the world. Therefore, the development of novel or more effective treatment strategies to cure chronic HCV infections of broad spectrum viral genotypes is needed.

DBPR 110 is an orally active novel and potent HCV NS5A inhibitor against the replicon activities of andrewgenotypes 1b, 2a, and 3a, with an EC50 range of 3-50 pM. Combination of DBPR110 with other HCV inhibitors, e.g. telaprevir, ribavirin or sofosbuvir, has a synergistic effect against HCV genotypes 1b, 2a, and 3a replicons. Safety pharmacology and toxicology studies showed that there is no apparent safety issue related to DBPR110 treatments. Its first investigational new drug (IND) application had been granted by US-FDA and DBPR110 could be one of the more effective cocktail therapeutics for curing the HCV infections in the future.

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